Hand and Foot Care Manicure, Pedicure in Mississauga, Toronto and Oakville

Deluxe Manicure $60

This regenerating hand treatment begins with a spa manicure and includes a mask or paraffin to hydrate dry and tired hands. Fantastic for dry, sensitive skin due to extreme weather anti-aging as well!

Deluxe Pedicure $90

Your treatment will begin with a spa pedicure. In addition to this experience we incorporate therapeutics luxury products with anti-aging properties. To relieve heaviness and fatigue a deep tissue massage will be performed. Finally, a foot mask or paraffin will be applied to soothe and hydrate your feet. Excellent for those on their feet all day or require extra attention.

Spa Manicure $30French Spa Manicure $35

This manicure will include nail shaping, cuticle trimming, hand massage followed by polish application of choice or buffed to a shine.

Spa Pedicure $65French Spa Pedicure $70

A relaxing Spa Pedicure treatment will begin as your feet are immersed in an aromatic bubble bath in an ancient travertine stone bowl. Your cuticles will be trimmed and nails shaped, your feet and legs exfoliated and massaged followed by a polish application of choice.

Sport Manicure $25

To give your hard working hands that soothing attention, get everything that a spa manicure offers without nail polish application.

Sport Pedicure $45

To give your feet that extra bounce, get everything that a spa pedicure offers except for polish application. Great for men and those that like natural healthy feet!

Extended Manicure $45 (Choice of Shellac or Artistic Colour Gloss)

*Removal add $7 A New way to fall in love with Manicures AGAIN! Extended Manicures lasts up to 2-3 weeks, not days! No smudges just perfect color and shine that lasts. Cured with UV or LED light!

Nail Polish Change $20 (shaping included)

When pressed for time we can still make your hands look fabulous, there is always time for a quick shaping of the nails and a fresh polish application!

Colour Change $7

When you don't need a manicure but a change of colour would be just perfect!

Customized anti-aging Peel on Hands $35

Add to your manicure, other services or enjoy on its own this customized anti-aging hand treatment will leave your hands soft, redefined and younger looking recommended in series!

Micro Peel $45.00

If you enjoyed all the benefit of Microdermabrasion on your face imagine the same treatment on your hands. Great on its own, in a series or as an add on to your favourite facial!

Hydrating Mask $15

Just like you face your skin needs that extra attention adding extra hydration will do that!, your skin on your hands will regain elasticity and suppleness

Paraffin $25

Paraffin is well know for its holistic warming treatment enjoy the relaxing heat on your hands or feet!