Ultimate Gem Treatment | 2.5 h $225.00

Your skin is precious and a wonderful organism where balance depends on many essential biological elements. This Ultimate Gem Treatment is the perfect combination of bling and expertise. With the therapeutic hands of a Registered Massage Therapist and the use of exquisite Gem infused product for anti-aging, relaxing or toning this customized treatment is a cocktail of nourishment your body will love. Minerals and trace elements derived from semi precious and precious gem stones will re-energize your body with lasting effects. This enriched treatment starts with the detoxifying Infrared Sauna which will prepare the body for a full body exfoliation. These wonderful infused sea salts will melt into your skin, blended with customized corrective mask and finished with a balanced therapeutic massage. An experience your body will thank you for!


1. Relaxing and Anti-stress salt scrub and Massage with Peridot Cream | 45 MIN | $95
The alliance of mineral salts with Peridot. Your skin will be revitalized, relaxed and de-stressed.

2. Anti- aging and Smoothing salt scrub and Massage with Ruby Cream | 45 MIN | $95
Salts, rich in trace elements perfectly fit with Ruby for a soft and toned skin.

3. Slimming and Firming salts scrub and Massage with Sapphire Cream | 45 MIN | $95 The mineral content of salts joins the efficiency of sapphire for a drained, firmed and detoxified body.

4. Energizing Scrub Éclat de Mangue and Massage with Sapphire Cream | 45 MIN | $95
A fibrous texture rich in vitamins brings a sensation of purity. A Sapphire cream with a refreshing fragrance of mint creates stimulating action.

5. Pink Garnet Mineral Body Scrub – Micro-dermabrasion Effect – and Massage With Body oil "La Précieuse" | 45 MIN | $95
A unique combination of micro particles, Garnet stones, Rhyolite and Cranberry creates a tonic, revitalizing and precise microdermabrasion effect. A secret formulation gives a unique efficiency for a soft and purified skin.

Postnatal Recovery Program

Being pregnant is a gift that most women enjoy. However, with that comes the unforeseen Postnatal tummy disasters. Stubborn fat, stretch marks, cesarean scars and extra skin that just won't go away!

Extra weight is due not only to the presence of the baby it is also a result of the hormonal upheaval of pregnancy which causes an increase in the storage of fat for the coming period of lactation.

At Hydeaway MediSpa & Wellness in collaboration with medical technology such as LPG and Viora can assist you in treating your postnatal figure.

LPG, has been on the global market for over 30 years. Originated from France, is an exclusive treatment that is structured with patented lipomassage technology. Lipomassage is a unique technique that non-surgically redensifies skin by stimulating fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production. It awakens collagen production and restores youthful elasticity.

Viora offers a wide range of applications including body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin tightening procedures as well as phototherapy and anti-aging treatments. Designed by a team of veteran medical device developers in close cooperation with medical aesthetic practitioners, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists. Viora's aesthetic devices are clinically tested and endorsed by physicians and aesthetic specialists worldwide.

Together using medical technology LPG and Viora with skilled therapists at Hydeaway MediSpa & Wellness is the indispensable companion for helping you quickly recover your ideal figure. Lipomassage, Radio Frequency, Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, Electro Mesotherapy, T.E.N.S. and IPL in a customized treatment that will Smooth, Tighten, Slim and ReFirm the Tummy Area.