Acne IPL Treatments in Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto,

ACNE IPL Treatment

The combination of hyperkeratanization and over production of sebum result in a buildup of oil in the hair follicle, creating a plug over the pore. The lack of oxygen stimulates Propionibacterium (P. Acne) activity which induces an inflammation which at its severe form breaks through the follicle walls and causes lesions on the skin surface, resulting in the appearance of acne.

The light absorbed triggers Porphyrin activation and causes the release of a singlet oxygen molecule. The oxygenation of the clogged pore destroys the P.Acne, diminishes inflammation and slows the production of excess sebum, which means significantly fewer breakouts. The Trios™ treatment also encourages a healing process to promote cell re-growth for a fresher and a more clear complexion patients and practitioners can be proud of.