Would you like to optimize athletic technique, performance & recovery without pain?

Not quite reaching your full potential as an athlete because your recovery time is too slow?

Don’t delay, come in and see one of our experienced therapists. Endermosport Therapy is the key to a quick recovery, increased endurance and optimal performance.


The LPG technique can relax stiffness around the joints. Stretching and mobilization of the skin/tendons/etc. with virtually no pain.

PREPARE Mobilize

LPG technique improves motor functions that are highly significant for athletes.


The LPG technique facilitates the process of recovery of the muscle thus optimizing physical performance and recovery following intense effort.

What is Endermosport?

Endermosport® is a revolutionary treatment to optimize athletic technique, performance, and recovery and muscle definition for athletes that strive for perfection. With goals always focusing on the win, athletes push their bodies to exceed their own limits, training hard to attain peak performance and meet the challenge of conquest. Read More...

Zinedine Zidane one of the best footballer of his generation endorsing LPG.

Zinedine Zidane captain of the French national team was named best European football player of the past 50 years by the UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll.

Personal Health Package $1118.70 Regular $1627.20

We are proud to offer a recovery program customized for you to support your wellbeing from the inside out!
Together with the professional and knowledgeable team at Kim Gym we encourage positive change to your lifestyle!

6 Infrared Saunas
6 LPG Endermosport Sessions
6 Customized Personal Training Sessions at KIM GYM
$1118.70 Regular $1627.20

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