Enjoy all the benefits of a Body Scrub Value $95.00 in February for only $68.00

Gemology captures the richness of minerals and active plant principles for young, radiant skin. Precious and semiprecious stones from Diamonds to Sapphires combined with rare cosmetic ingredients adds suppleness, radiance, softness, firmness, and protection to your skin. Combining completely pure Bio Water from New Zealand and a selection of plant extracts with impressive benefits, each formula contains the very best of nature, zinc, iron, and magnesium. The stones release trace elements that have a catalyst effect on skin cells to increase cellular activity. All products are completely free from paraben, alcohol, propylene, glycol, and silicone.

1. Relaxing and anti-stress salt scrub and massage with Peridot cream
2. Anti- aging and smoothing salt scrub and massage with Ruby cream
3. Slimming and firming salts scrub and massage with Sapphire cream
4. Energizing scrub Éclat de Mangue and massage with Sapphire cream
5. Pink Garnet mineral body scrub a Microdermabrasion effect and massage with body oil "La Précieuse"